Disposable aprons made from fluid-resistant polythene are an important part of an infection control strategy and also help protect clothing from spills and splashes during medical procedures or cleaning tasks.

At Gompels Pharmacy, polythene aprons are one of our major lines and we stock them in a variety of colours, thicknesses and dispensing formats.

Which apron dispensing format should I choose?

Flat packed aprons are cheaper than their on-roll equivalents, but dispense less conveniently, which often leads to wastage through multiple aprons being accidentally pulled out. For effective infection control, it is also important that aprons are stored so that they do not gather dust (which can form a breeding ground for infection) and this is less easy to do with the flat-packed format.

On the other hand, aprons on a roll dispense cleanly one at a time and are available in more variety. As well as our standard range of blue and white aprons, we also stock premium aprons on a roll in blue and white, which are larger and thicker.

Aprons on a roll
Aprons on a roll
Flat-packed aprons
Flat-packed aprons
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