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We are a local pharmacy based in the heart of Melksham town centre, Wiltshire that offers travel vaccinations and anti-malarials in conjunction with MASTA (Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad).

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Whilst many customers still prefer to receive a face to face consultation in clinic, we also cater for customers who prefer to talk through their requirements from the comfort of their home or office, before receiving their vaccinations or anti-malarials in clinic afterwards.

Travellers can book a telephone consultation with one of our specialist travel nurses prior to visiting to receive their vaccinations.

The consultation will take 15-20 minutes. A travel health nurse will discuss a person’s medical history including any medicines or allergies. Knowledge of your previous travel vaccines is useful. The nurse will discuss recommended vaccines and help decide whether your trip will also require malaria medication.

We will offer relevant advice on up to date issues in the countries you are visiting and answer any questions relating to your trip. The consultation will include discussion of potential health risks and your individual requirements. We will then make you an appointment for your vaccinations, subject to availability (which could be the next day).

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